Card counting strategy

Card counting strategy is a strategy which allows player to gain an edge in the game. In blackjack this strategy is usually used to gain an edge over a casino. It is a strategy based on a pure math and player's memory, where the player needs to memorize all dialed cards from the dealer's shoe and count, basically predict what cards will be next, and in blackjack it is almost the main thing that the player needs to know for winning blackjack. If you remember the card values the odds of counting out next card are pretty helpful and seem to be not so hard, especially when it is 16 10's in a 52 cards deck, but not much if there is more than one deck on the table.

Around this strategy there are a lot of myths, so we need to clarify the deal. Then let's start from the very beginning of the card counting strategy.

History of the card counting

Many believe that the father of card counting is Dr. Edward O. Thorp. Dr.Thorp was ahead of his time, and in 1962 he published the book “Beat the Dealer”. This book not just a foundation of the card counting strategy, it as well consists of many theories on strategically correct blackjack playing, without counting the cards. That’s how it started.

Pros and cons

After that year after year many have used and improved the card counting strategy. Many card counting strategies like KO,Hi-Lo and many others were invented by the players and theorists. There are many stories and even legends about the famous blackjack counters, and even the famous MIT blackjack team, about which a movie was made. But is it really that helpful? Not as much as the basic blackjack strategy we would say. The card counting strategy gives an edge to the player that uses it, but as always there are pros and cons!

As soon as the card counting strategy was invented casinos of course noticed a threat that was coming from it to their money. Let's take Las Vegas as an example. Even by Vegas's laws the card counting isn't illegal action, but, most of casinos in Vegas are a private property! Considering casino as private property, as a house with an owner, the owner of the house states his\her own rules – and, according to all casinos' hosts, card counting strategy is illegal. Don't forget that using any counting devices in Nevada State is an illegal action!

Security of all casinos really closely observes each blackjack table carefully looking for card counters. As soon as one found he\she will be politely asked to leave the casino, as well as the name of the player will be added to the casino’s black list with no possibility to enter this house again.

In conclusion we would say that card counting is a very helpful strategy and it is legal. But we would strongly recommend non experienced players not to use it in order to avoid getting caught. As well we would say that the card counting strategy is not a thing which player can use without a very good knowledge of the basic blackjack strategy. It is more an addition to the strategy than a pure game strategy itself.

How does it work?

How does the system work? First what you need to bear in your mind that the easier the system is in general, and first of all the easier it is for you exactly – the better it is!

Let's begin counting! Most of all card counting systems begin counting from zero. It means from the moment player sits at the table it is a zero point, from which the counting begins. Depending on the counting system used the numbers standing for each card will change. Player keeps tracking not only his\her cards, but the dealer's and other players' cards as well. The less number of cards left in the shoe the more precise counting becomes.

With card counting strategy the player can manipulate bets and win more.

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