Why Poker Table Selection is So Important

One highly important decision you need to make that could affect the amount of money you could win or lose at poker would be table selection.  You don't have to worry about it if you play at online casino, but if you prefer live poker rooms, read this article attentively. You really need to find tables where most of the players make more errors compared to you because such tables can help you win in the long term. You could be the greatest player in the world, but sitting at tables where everybody is a great world class player will not help you win. Do not be ashamed to sit at tables below your level of skill; this is where you should be sitting.

The greatest type of table is where lots of players have fun and do not raise too much. This table doesn’t exist in multitudes, but it would be ideal.

After first joining a table, never post a big blind. You should wait and watch instead. In several rounds, you’ll see how the table players actually play. Take note of their bets and starting cards. Do they put too much on value pocket pairs and aces with low kickers? Do they know their positions?

Get a general sense of the table, so that when you play, you can always refine your position.

Table Looseness

Overall, one table quality would refer to how loosely its players play and should be the very first thing you find out before taking a seat. It would be very easy to determine this by seeing the amount of players who make it to the flop. If at least five players regularly see the flop, the table would be loose.


In low-limit traditional card games, most players will see the flop. This is referred to as maximum looseness. This means that many players see every flop’s hand and continue playing, even when they really shouldn’t. Contrary to popular belief, such tables are very profitable as long as several adjustments are made to one’s game.


If tables see blinds that are won very often and go uncontested by raisers, with up to three players staying in hands, they will only be profitable if the players are weak and tight. However, your selections of starting hands will need to adjust to such tables and you could lose some money if you do not do so. Generally, you should just avoid these tables and look for loose ones.

Table Aggressiveness

Aggressiveness refers to the amount of times that players raise. In order to find this out, watch one action round. Each time somebody raises or bets, add one. Each time somebody calls, subtract one. After one round, if the overall count happens to be negative, the table is mostly passive. Otherwise, it is aggressive.


Players tend to call on passive tables with good and bad hands. They do this to encourage players to make weak calls due to the pot size. The benefit to this would be that passive players will always call, so you cannot send them out of hands. The disadvantage to this would be that passive players shell out too much money when it comes to bad draws and do not get enough money for the good draws.


If a ton of raises exist, tables are considered aggressive. The fluctuations of money within aggressive games will always be higher compared to passive games. Take heed about sitting at wild tables, even if everybody plays every card. Variances at such tables are huge, so if you keep getting bad cards, you could lose a lot of money. Loose and passive tables would be your ideal bet for strong low-risk income when it comes to poker.

The perfect table for selections of starting hands would be a loose and passive table where you can make a lot of money with minimum risk. Keep in mind that not every hand has to be played. If you get frustrated or the table gets wild, sit it out instead of tightening up at all times until things calm back down. Never play poker if your state of mind won’t let you make decent decisions.

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