You Are the Best Doctor to Protect Yourself from ADD.

I am confident that I have become a victim of Attention deficit Disorder i.e. ADD. All through my schooldays I could not properly concentrate and organize my work. The similar factors are affecting me at present while playing the game of poker, whether in the live or online casino. The quality of home games is more pathetic in my case, due to the fact that there are more number of distracting elements. It is high time that I improve drastically in my playing methods, and for this I am thinking of consulting my doctor for availing Ritalin or some other varieties of medication. Any comments?

Such type of decisions include huge amount of research work. It is rational on your part to consult your doctor to know more about this state, as he can provide you valuable insights in this regard. Being Poker Counselor, I would like to suggest you think about the interpersonal factors residing in the core of your problem – The way you concentrate, type of medication etc ought to influence you as an individual and your game playing. It is crucial to fragment the thinking process of yours for the purpose of aiding yourself and your physician to converge on a sound conclusion simultaneously bettering your playing skills.

Don't hurry with diagnosis

On first hand, do not be too hasty to zero in on a decision that you are a victim off ADD. There are specific factors and symptoms related to this disorder before you can be sure about any particular conclusion. Although the symptoms mentioned by you do resemble certain signals, but they do not quite necessarily mean that you require medications in order to get hold of the situation. Add is considered to be the one of the most over treated medical issue among the teenage children in the present world. The trend has caught up with the adults too. It is of immense importance to be honest your medical advisor for the purpose of correct diagnosis.  

It is important to keep in mind that the medicinal measures for treating ADD must not be viewed as fully effective methods.  Many folks consider Ritalin to cure all sorts of symptoms of ADD. The fact is, the treatment measures for ADD are supports to tackle the ill symptoms of the disorder that accompany it. In spite of your taking medicines, the main focus centres on your determination to minimize this health problem.

What to do?

It can be very much possible that since you have been a sufferer of this disorder since your childhood days, a mental stigma rather a rigid block in your mind might have developed about succumbing to its effects. Just giving up thinking that long periods of staying focused is impossible on your part will not going to help you from any angle, rather damage any sort of chance at poker table.

I strongly urge you to discard negative thinking. Just be positive and have belief on yourself and your game playing. Set certain goals in order to improve your game, as for example prolonging the time of concentration at the poker table from 20 to 30 minutes in a gradual manner. During the time when your are about to place your marker on top of the hole cards, be confident and stay in tune. Irrespective of your doctor’s advice, you will be considerably able to better your playing with your own grit and determination.

Who am I

My name is Roy Bennett. I have a sport column in Chattanooga Times Free Press. Chattanooga, Tennessee is a great city - this is where Ted Turner came from. His life and great deeds inspired me to be a journalist. There was a vacant place in Sports so this is how it all begun. I knew more about all kind of sports and poker is for sure my favorite one.