Learning Poker Game

The game of online poker can be a difficult one to master, the rules can be complicated and with a number of different versions of the game available if you are an inexperienced player you can easily make a costly mistake if you do not realise the difference in rules within time. Once players have got to grips with the rules many think they now have a grasp of the game and are experienced enough to play at any level, they could not be more wrong. Tougher than learning to play poker is learning how not to play poker and it is this that can lead to some costly mistakes.

One thing that many poker players learn early on is never to play when you are anything but rational. If you have had a bad day, are in a general bad mood or are sad then step away from the computer and online poker. If you play poker emotionally rather than rationally you are likely to lose, the same goes if you get annoyed or mad during a game step back and take a break, often other people can sense your emotion and take advantage of it. If you are feeling happy and content, click here to have a game.

When you first start playing poker it can be difficult enough to concentrate on your cards and your own strategy as well as hiding your own feelings. However once you get the hang of things remember it is important to pay attention to what other people are doing, what they are showing in certain games and what they have folded. Even if you are not in the game pay attention to how others play, what their tells and strategies are. This way you know when to push them in to a mistake and when to hold back.

Who am I

My name is Roy Bennett. I have a sport column in Chattanooga Times Free Press. Chattanooga, Tennessee is a great city - this is where Ted Turner came from. His life and great deeds inspired me to be a journalist. There was a vacant place in Sports so this is how it all begun. I knew more about all kind of sports and poker is for sure my favorite one.