Learn to Play Hands With

Poker is generally a kind of a sport from the card games family played at land-based and online casino that makes use of the rules of the share betting and the hand rankings. It has been seen that the Poker games are very different from the other types of card games in the way of they are dealt, the way the hands are formed, what type of hands are given priority whether high or low, what type of hands are required to win the pot while the showdown, limits on the bets and the number of the rounds of betting allowed. In almost all the modern poker games, generally the first round of the betting usually begins with a kind of the forced bet. After that the action proceeds towards the left. In the game then each player is expected to play on his turn when either the match or the maximum bet or a fold is reached.

As luck would have it

You can either win a lot of money and can also lose a big amount of money at the same time. It all depends on your luck and expertise in the game. Sometimes, a player who matches with the bet raises the amount, and thereby increases the bet. Finally the betting round comes to an end when all the players either matches the last bet or decides to fold. But if not all just a single player folds on the round, then the remaining player can collect the pot without showing their hands. Remember that if there is more than one player who is remaining even after the completion of the final round of the betting, then the hands need to be shown and finally the winning hand can take the entire pot. While playing hands 14 it’s important for the player to know and to differentiate between the different hands that have to be fold sometimes.

Two suited cards

Two suited cards: most of the players think that when they have two cards with the same suit then they can be the winner. For example: 9 and 4 of spades remember that this is the terrible hand and there is no point of betting on it because you are going to lose the bet. Players who play in this manner are long term losers and can never emerge as winner in the game of poker. It’s better to fold your hand when you get this type of combination.

Ace little; in the case of ace little like A-2 A-5 or A-8 its better to play blind. Though this hand is not too dangerous but it is not very useful also. If you have the hand with A-Q then you can take chances to win the bet. Remember if you got something kind of A-2, then you can really hope to flop the two pairs or can have a straight. You can play with ace little only under some conditions. You can play it for the flush value but that has to be done very carefully.  You can play this type of hand when you are near to the button and there is no one coming into the pot.

Who am I

My name is Roy Bennett. I have a sport column in Chattanooga Times Free Press. Chattanooga, Tennessee is a great city - this is where Ted Turner came from. His life and great deeds inspired me to be a journalist. There was a vacant place in Sports so this is how it all begun. I knew more about all kind of sports and poker is for sure my favorite one.