Pai Gow Poker - Details of the Game

Pai Gow Poker is also recognized as the double hand poker and this is a game which is played using the poker hand values and not the chinese dominoes Pai Gow. This game was created by two individuals namely Fred Wolf and Sam Torosian. In order to play this game players should have one 52-cards deck with one extra joker. There are are supposed to be six players and one dealer in each game. The game requires the players to beat the banker that in many cases is the dealer although there are some cases where it can be one of the players.

How to Play

In order to win in this game a player is supposed to make up 2 poker hands and this should be from the seven cards that each player is dealt with therefore making it a 5 card hand plus a 2 card hand. The rules of the game also require that the 5 cards value should be more than the 2 cards and this is the main reason why the 2 card hand is also referred to as the hand on top or in front or minor or small or low or hair. The 5 card hand is also referred to as the hand big or high or bottom or behind given that these cards are placed on the table that way in front of the players after they are through with setting them.

The cards should be shuffled before the game starts and dealt on the poker table in face down piles which should be 7 in number. 4 cards will be unused and this is irrespective of the number of players who are in the game. The betting positions of this game are given a specific number each and these should be from 1 to 7 and this should always start with the player that acts as the banker in that hand and then proceed around the poker table clockwise. A random number between 1 to 7 is then supposed to be chosen with a dice and then the deal will begin at the corresponding table position, then will proceed counter clockwise.

After all the players have created their original hands they should then be asked if they would like to play the dragon hand and this can only be done by placing another bet. The hand will still be assigned in this game even in case the player is not on a particular spot although it will be placed on the discarded pile together with all the cards unused. In some casinos players may find an additional dragon hand if there is a vacant seat. The player who accepts the dragon hand first will receive it and therefore will be playing 2 separate hands.

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