Poker Etiquette - Rules of Behaviour at the Poker Table

The game of poker can be played at home or in a casino and it is important to follow the poker etiquette rules in order to enjoy the game. Knowing these rules and using them in every game ensures that the game runs smoothly and is fair.

Don't Play when its Not your Turn

Every player is given a chance to play in the game and the turns should be communicated before the game starts which is usually clockwise. It is therefore not good to play when your chance has not arrived as this will affect the game play. Some players get excited by their hands and end up playing when its not their turn and this should always be avoided. Folding hands should also be done when it’s the players turn cause otherwise players will be giving others information they should not have before they play.

Don't Discuss with Other Players

It is greatly discouraged to talk about the cards the players are holding with other players as well s any other person. This is also discouraged because other players will get information that they are not supposed to have before their turn of playing reaches.

Don't Show Your Cards

When playing poker all players are supposed to make sure that they are the only ones who know the specific cards they are holding and no one else. Cards should only be revealed at showdown. Here players are required to ensure that they don’t flip over or flash over their cards especially when folding as it may give out information that will change the way the rest of the hand will be played out.

Don't Splash the Pot

Players are not supposed to toss their bets at the center of the pot as this creates a big mess as this will make it difficult to tell how much the player has bet. The best way to do this is by stacking the chips neatly in front of the bets.

Don't be Rude or Mean

It is important to keep in mind that this game should only be played for entertainment purposes and therefore if you are in a bad mood it is better to keep of from playing it. Bad moods will result in being rude or mean to the other players and may also cloud your judgment.

Always Pay Attention

The best way to ensure you enjoy this game and also have a better chance of winning in this game is ensuring that you are always pay attention. This ensures that you know when its your turn and thereby avoid people from shouting your name.

There are many poker etiquette rules that a player needs to abide to so it is necessary to research on them in order to make sure that you have fun and have a better chance of winning next time you play the game of poker.

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