Different Stud Poker Variants

The card game poker has a lot of derivatives and many modifications have been made to the game to come up with variants that follow basically the same poker rules but vary in the way cards are dealt. Stud poker games used to be very popular before another poker game like Texas Hold’em took over the popularity. However, even with the change of times, some poker diehards are still happy to play only stud poker.

Little additions and changes to the way poker is played make this particular game very interesting. Unlike other poker games where the position of a player is not very important, in this game position has a very important part to play. This is because the position of the person who starts the bet can change after every hand is dealt. In most poker games, there are likely to be players who will fold hands before the game. To make use of this situation, a player who’s still in the game should be able to remember the cards that were folded as they can use this information to their advantage. Note that the best hand could be the winning hand or not.

There are different types of stud poker and some of them are; seven stud poker, five stud poker and raze. Assuming the read is already well versed with the basic rules of poker and how the game is played; let’s now look at some of the stud poker game variants.

Five Card Stud Poker

When stud poker came into being, it was very popular as five card studs and this type of poker was one of the most popular poker games in the past. At the beginning, the dealer serves each player one card facing down and the other card facing up. Normally the order of betting will be based on whether there is a bring-in or whether there is a tie. Where there is a bring-in, the player who has the bring-in a starts the betting. However, if there happens to be a tie, suit ranking is used to determine who starts the bet.

Seven Card Stud Poker

A well loved stud poker game is seven card studs in which the players receive seven cards with the goal of having the highest hand with the last remaining five cards. The first round involves three cards two of which are served facing down. The position of betting is established and players place their bet. Each time a card is served, it is followed by betting, best casino sites. The dealer serves the fourth, fifth and sixth cards facing up while the seventh card is served facing down. At the end of the last betting round, it is the player with the highest five cards in hand who wins. The key to winning this game is the ability to bluff correctly and to be observant.

Razz Poker

Razz is a stud poker game that is very similar to seven card studs the only difference being in the winning hand. In razz, it is the lowest hand that wins.

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