Tri-Card Poker Rules

Tri-card poker is a poker variation played in casinos. It traces its roots similarly with standard poker, although both of these games’ origins are unclear. Like standard poker, it can also be played online, and compared to other variants.

Derek Webb started the casino variation of the tri-card poker in the year 1994. It was also referred as Brit-Brag or Casino Brag. He established Prime Table Games that marketed tri-card poker. In 1999, Shuffle Master got the rights of the game outside British Isles since Prime Table Games gained patents in Great Britain and the US. Gambling rules in the UK later changed, allowing room for Three Card Poker in the year 2002.

Tri-card poker has two modes, namely the Ante and the Play. Pair Plus and Ante can be optional in most of the casinos, though some casinos require the use of Ante (which is one of the most common forced bets used). After the Pair Plus and Ante wagers are given, each player and dealer is then dealt three cards each. Those who have given the Ante can choose to fold or continue by giving a Play wager which is equal to the Ante. After that, hands are shown and the wagers decided. The hand of the dealer must be a Queen or higher for him to play. If he can’t play, the Ante and Play wagers remain and are paid 1:1. But if the dealer plays, the player and the dealer’s hands are compared. If the player loses, then the Ante and Play wagers lose as well. But if the dealer wins, again, Play and Ante wagers are rewarded 1:1. If tied, no action will be done.

Tri-card poker also involves Ante Bonus, given to the Ante wager if hand is straight or better. The wager on the Pair Plus will lose if the player has less than a pair, and wins if he has the better hand. The hands in tri-card poker include straight flush, which shows three cards of the same suit in sequence; three of a kind, which shows three cards which are the same in rank, for example three aces. Straight hand shows three cards that are in sequence. Flush hand shows three cards of the same suit. Pair hand is two same-ranked cards and a high card, which shows no combination is met similar to the one stated above.

In the UK, Prime Table Games are integrated into the Prime wager in tri-card poker. It is placed optionally before dealing the cards and is paid depending on the color of the card of the player. If all cards are the same in color, the payout becomes 3:1. Six card bonus is also a variation of tri-card poker where players are paid when they have the best hand that includes three cards from the player and two from the dealer.

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