Differences Between Poker and Online Poker

Over the course of the last decade, online poker has exploded and has nearly overshadowed its big brother or, should we say, father? To be honest, same goes for most gambling activities like online betting or lotteries online. In theory they are still the same game, with the same set of rules, but game is conducted in completely different environments. So if you are considering leaving the comfort of your home to take a trek to the casino and try your hand at a live version, or if you ruminate about ditching your chair in the casino to kick back and wager on your laptop or tablet, be sure to bear in mind the nuances each form of game possesses before you make your move.

It’s simply not possible to prevent some form of cheating, collusion, or outright larceny when it comes to the game of poker, no matter form you choose to engage in. However, it’s much more difficult to be fleeced when the action is occurring directly before you. With online poker you don’t have that kind of control, first of all your information is broadcast over the Internet so there is a security concern and secondly, who knows if a bunch of high school hackers aren’t having the time of their lives at your expense. Welcome to the Internet era!

How Many Hands Do You Need

One of the main benefits of the online game is you can participate in so many more hands. In a casino you are at the mercy of the dealer and how quickly he dishes out the cards. And it doesn’t stop there. A casino is full of diversions, such as other players not understanding how to play the game, traffic walking in and out of your space, and people generally doing the things they do when alcohol is involved.

Seeing May Just Be Believing

Sure you may be an aficionado at reviewing peoples’ wagering sagas, but can you see their face? Do they keep rubbing their nose or twitching their lips? Maybe nibble on their finger nails? They might do these things and a whole lot more, but you will never know it. In a live game scenario, you are able to observe body language which goes a long way into fleshing out peoples’ motives.

Ready To Take A Break?

When you are playing live, you can’t very well tell the dealer you need a beverage and bathroom break. They deal the cards and you play them. It’s rather cut and dried, but when you are home or actually anywhere participating online the world is your oyster and it’s all on your terms.

Who am I

My name is Roy Bennett. I have a sport column in Chattanooga Times Free Press. Chattanooga, Tennessee is a great city - this is where Ted Turner came from. His life and great deeds inspired me to be a journalist. There was a vacant place in Sports so this is how it all begun. I knew more about all kind of sports and poker is for sure my favorite one.