Privacy Policy

At onlinepoker-sites.com, we esteem the privacy of users and are dedicated to safe-guarding the personal information of its end users. We made this Privacy Policy in order to let make our end users aware of the data we collect while they visit the onlinepoker-sites.com site and us the online services (jointly called, the Service”) provided by the site, the reason for collecting such data and about the usage of collection data. This Privacy Policy doesn’t look after other sties maintained by us. By making use of the Service, users agree to the data patterns that are explained in the Privacy Policy. The privacy policy might get changed periodically which shall be included on this page. It is the responsibility of end users to follow up the privacy policy and stay aware of changed made to it, and therefore we encourage the users to visit this webpage frequently.

1.    Data Gathered. We suppose data which shall be used for identifying a person, which includes but is not restricted to, first name and last name, residential or office address, credit card details, email id, telephone number or other contact details as “Personal data”. You might be asked to give personal data while using our website, registering for a membership account or using our online services, communicating to us through email, downloading our software, or giving us comments regards our site or its services and products. The personal data which we collect might include contact details, billing data, shipping info, transaction logs, website usage settings, and comments regarding ours services as well as products.

In addition, while using the Service, our web servers log all the user activities and maintain some important data like, Users source IP, access time, page(s) visited, access date, use of language and the type of browser. All the above information is not considered as personal data. Usually, you can browse through the onlinepoker-sites.com website, not giving any personal data about yourself. We never collect any personal data about our services unless given by the end users voluntarily.

2. Ways of Data Gathering and Processing: We might collect certain details automatically as mentioned above and get personal details about you when you provide such data through our services or other interaction or other communication with onlinepoker-sites.com. We might also obtain personal data from service providers and online traders who refer you to our onlinepoker-sites.com website. Apart from that, we might make use of 3rd party services in order to offer technical support and to process the transactions of end users online and maintain their accounts. We shall have access to data provided to such online traders and service provides or other 3rd party ecommerce services for processing the end user transactions, account maintenance, to cope up with certain important requirements of the business, and in order to offer the users with other offers and details regarding the onlinepoker-sites.com services and products. We might use this personal data for processing transactions and supporting the service usage by end users. This data might be revealed only to our staff members and 3rd parties that take part in processing end user transactions and supporting their service usage.

Who am I

My name is Roy Bennett. I have a sport column in Chattanooga Times Free Press. Chattanooga, Tennessee is a great city - this is where Ted Turner came from. His life and great deeds inspired me to be a journalist. There was a vacant place in Sports so this is how it all begun. I knew more about all kind of sports and poker is for sure my favorite one.