All about Women in Poker

Women are now dominating the world of poker and their numbers are continuously rising. You will find number of women poker players who are gifted in this game. They do it on their own way and do not cling to others, but they still take the first place. According to statistics there are increasing numbers of renowned female poker players around the world. The typical age of women signing up for online poker is between the age of 24 to 26 and most of them has a career of their own. Maybe you are thinking what attracts these ladies.

The Most Famous Women in Poker

There are dedicated poker games for women and most of these games are televised. One of the most popular woman poker players is Annie Duke and she is already a mother, but she managed to win millions in different poker games. She is the role model of many aspiring females who also wants to become successful in poker. Online poker website for women gives opportunity for these ladies to hone their skills in poker before they start playing publicly.

Today, this casino game is gaining a lot of attention to media and women who are aware of it are interested and want to try it out. It is not only Annie Duke who is famous in poker, but there are other females who gained respect in the world of poker such as Kathy Liebert, Cyndy Violette, Shannon Elizabeth and Sabyl Cohen. All of these females have won huge amount of money in different poker tournaments.

The Way to Become Women Poker Winner

Women want to play poker not only for fun, but they want to play professionally. It only means that these ladies want to become successful in poker and leave an amazing mark in tournaments. They are empowering all women around the world because of their success stories. Internet is creating a safe environment for these women to play poker game. Some of them do not want to play in land-base casino because they want to hone their skills first by practicing in online casino. Most men who plays poker thinks that women are not savvy when it comes to bluffing, slow playing, betting, calculate odds, setting traps, reading tells and aggressive play.

This is not true because women are more serious when it comes to playing poker. Women intuition is helping ladies who want to win the jackpot in any poker tournament. This is something that men do not have so men must be aware when there is a woman around the poker table. In the past ladies is a minority, but recently they are conquering this popular world for men.

Bluffing is one aspect in poker that easily mastered by women poker players because women are very good in showing emotions. Even if you are a mother or an industry professional, you can play poker anytime you want. If this is your first time to try playing poker, then it is better if you will try it for fun and master important skills. This is the chance for women to try their luck in poker and bring home the jackpot for their family.

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